13 Great Tools for Web Designers and Web Admins

When it comes to design, there are many free web-based tools to help you accomplish tasks such as color selection, creating unique fonts, editing images, and testing your page.

Kuler Createimage

kuler is a web-based application by Adobe that helps you create and share color themes. You can peruse the user-submitted color themes or create your own color themes with the kuler Create web tool.



pixlr is a web-based image editor with a Photoshop-like user interface; pixlr has similar features like layers, filters, and even a Clone Stamp tool.

Wellstyled Color Scheme Generator


Wellstyled’s Color Scheme Generator is a simple web tool that helps designers produce color themes. It has an intuitive interface and the ability to bookmark generated color themes.



FontStruct is a web-based tool created by font retailer FontShop for creating, editing, and sharing fonts. The FontStructor tool is a simple and innovative font editor for designers who want to create beautiful type. You’ll need to sign up for a free user account to access the tool.



Typetester allows you to test, tweak, and compare screen typography. It has a variety of typefaces that include web-safe fonts like Arial and Verdana – but it can also use your personal fonts.



TypeNavigator is a very clever web tool that can help designers identify typefaces. It’s great for hunting down a font you saw that you’d like to use on your own designs.

Dummy Text Generator


The Dummy Text Generator is a versatile and useful web application for generating dummy text. Though branded as a “Lorem ipsum generator for web designers”, it will also come in handy for designers working on print layouts.



BGPatterns is a web tool for generating tiled patterns. Its intuitive (yet robust) user interface will allow you to tweak, edit, and resize a wide range of patterns.



Dabbleboard is a convenient web-based collaborative drawing tool that’s designer-friendly. Create web layouts, design user interfaces, or draw freehand with other fellow designers.



PicMarkr is a web-based custom watermarking tool that you can use to protect and prevent design theft. It’s great for mockups or copyrighted designs that you publish online.



favicon.cc is a favicon design tool. With the favicon.cc, you can either create favicons from scratch or upload and edit images from your computer.



templatr is a handy web application for  creating web page templates. It has a very simple user interface, making itself an excellent tool for quick-and-dirty mockups of web layouts.



Brosershots is an online tool that will display your web page in a wide range of different browsers. Some pages don’t work well with other browsers. Testing functionality will ensure your design is ready for a wide audience.

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