Add an exhaust or intake fan – Case Mod

Many articles and studies will tell that too many case fans is a bad thing. The ideal air flow setup is one intake and two exhaust (one being the PSU). But there are times that you will need to add an extra case fan.

You will need a power drill and a hole saw. For a 120mm fan you will need a 4-3/8 inch or 4-1/2 saw depending on your mood. For an 80mm fan you will need a 3-1/8 inch saw or a 3 inch depending how you like it. For a 92mm you will want a 3-1/2 inch saw. You may also want a fan grill to keep loose wires and such from hurting the fan.  I used a 2-1/8 inch saw on this project.

If you are planning on doing this on a thin case side panel, I suggest doing this on a work bench to prevent bending.

102_0147This is my main router. The top does not come off so I am forced to cut just like you see in the photo.

102_0148 This is the tool that I will be using.

102_0149 Start to drill where you need the hole to go. Make sure you have picked a good place for your extra fan. Keep in mind of things behind the fan.

102_0150 102_0151102_0152I will take only a couple of seconds to start the hole. Also, if your hole saw starts to heat up take a break. You be able to get a good clean cut if you keep your drill level.

102_0153 As you can see I have to option to sand down the side. The hole saw cut a nice clean hole for me, no rough or jagged edges.

102_0154 102_0156Next I drilled holes for the screws. I only needed to put in two.

And that’s it. It took me 10 minutes to put in the fan. Don’t forget to vacuum to shavings up. If you wondering where to get the tools check out

Keyboard Mod

How cool would it be to have a backlit keyboard, but without paying the price for one. I will show you how to mod a $20 USB Keyboard. The style of wiring I chose (series) was only possible with an external power supply, however you can easily wire your LED’s in a way that will not require an external power supply.


I drilled holes in the sides, the holes just small enough so that the tip of the LED would not fall through. This way it will be flush with keys and not hinder any keys. Continue around the side. Note that I am soldering the LED’s together, opposite polarity mind you.

102_0126 Now that we have completely covered the sides that site closest to you (I chose not to do the top so that I would not have any bright LED’s shining in my face), we can continue to finish up with the wiring. Check out what it looks like in the end…

102_0128 102_0127


Or you could always get the EL Backlight Enjoy and happy moding.