Server Racks

If you are a geek like me you wouldn’t mind having your own server rack in your home. Why settle to the single server that sits in the corner when you could have a mini farm.

I just recently got my hands on a used 19″ 47U server rack. Assembly is difficult in a house, but I think we would all agree that its worth it.

The rack has 6 servers in it. “Six?” you say, well every server runs at least 2 Virtual servers. Now I cannot afford to convert my mid tower servers into rack-mountable server, but I did stack them on shelves. It gives you the same look as the rack mounts.

My router, running IPCOP IOS, has been put in a modded MMAC-Media center chassis. The RJ-45 ports are not functional but the LED’s are.

Here are some pics to spark your interest: more


Data Loss


here at we have suffered a mass data loss due to file system corruption and RAID corruption. I have been able to recover most of my data, but some things are still not working right. Due to the mass data loss I have learned a couple of things and I would like to pass that knowledge on to you.

1. Always have a recent backup. Use backup software or automate database back ups. My last database dump is dated the 26th because you never think that a catastrophe can happen to you. Luckily I did a whole backup of my Apache www, but the databases were lost.

2. Never use beta software on a production server. Sure we all want the latest and greatest, but its beta for a reason.  I ran vmware server 2.0 on windows server 2008. The beta software was responsible for my production server corruption and the loss of the RAID. The vm server was so corrupt that I could not extract any vital information from it. To say the least, this mistake cost me 3 days of down time.

3. And finally, always have a recent backup! Even if everything went up in flames, you could recover it all from a simple backup.

Learn from my mistakes, and have a datafull day.