BroadCatching – How to use RSS for automatic TV Show downloads

Broadcatching is the downloading of digital content that has been made available over the Internet via RSS or Rich Site Summary Syndication. This is especially useful if you live in an area where cable can be expensive, such as Japan. Think of BroadCatching as an Internet TiVo.

I will assume that you are using Azureus as your primary BiTorrent client, if not then what is wrong with you! We will install a plug-in called RSS Importer. I have tested this on Linux and Windows, because Azureus is a Java based program this How to will work on Linux, Windows, or Mac.

Install the plug-in. This can be done several different ways. If you run Azureus in expert mode just click Plugins -> Installation Wizard -> Install from -> RSS Import. The other way is to download the plug-in HERE and install it to C:\Program Files\Azureus\plugins (default for Windows)

Now start Azureus and click Tools -> Options and expand Plugins


Check Activate Plugin and under RSS Channels enter and you may also want to include Now to have the importer download your shows you will need to enter them in the Filter for channel box. For example, I want to look for Family Guy, How I met your mother, and House. To search for these shows you will need to input family.guy;how.i.met.your.mother;house; into the Filter box, replacing all spaces with a period and separating each show with a semi-colon. You can also choose different types of show quality or type by using an expression. For example, to download Family Guy in SVCD the filer will look like family.guy*SVCD*; If you are looking for HDTV, these are the usual formats and you will most likely not need to use an expression for HDTV.