Setup email on your Linux server

I use ubuntu for my webserver. When I want the system to send me alerts or notifications, it doesn’t know how. It will create a system generated email but it doesn’t go anywhere. So why not tell it to use gmail to send emails.

# apt-get install mailx

# apt-get install exim4 exim4-config

Choose “mail sent by SMARTHOST; Received via SMTP or fetchmail”

Type System Mail Name “” eg

Type IP address to listen on for incoming SMTP:

Leave Other Destinations BLANK

Leave Machines to relay BLANK

Type Machine Handling outgoing mail (smarthost)

Choose NO, don’t hid local mail

Choose NO, don’t keep number of DNS queries minimal

Choose YES, split configuration into smaller files

Now edit /etc/exim4/passwd.client

nano /etc/exim4/passwd.client

Add the lines


Then make sure root owns the file

chown root /etc/exim4/passwd.client

Now test the system


enter a subject

enter some body text and press Ctrl+d when finished. Check your mail.

Synergy – A real bad ass

I love having a KVM but cords are expensive and sometimes I just want to control my Linux laptop. Since I have two monitors on my Desk, how cool would it be if I could control the laptop with my desktop keyboard and mouse. Well this is where Synergy comes into play.

imageSynergy is a virtual KVM. Its as easy as moving your mouse to the far side of your screen to control another PC with your same keyboard and mouse!

Just start a server, click Configure.

image Add your two, three, or 50 PCs and tell Synergy where in space your monitors are relatively.

Start the Server and connect with your client. If your Client is Linux, just install synergy.

For Ubuntu

apt-get install synergy

synergyc <Server IP>

synergyc is the client and synergys is the server. Now you can control multiple Laptops and Desktops with one single Keyboard and Mouse, over IP. By the way it works great on Wireless.