Zmodo DVR losing time

I just bought a new Zmodo DVR (Model DVR-H9114V) for security cameras and it works perfect except for a time issue. The device will hold time for about 23 hours out of the day, loose time for one hour, and return to normal until the next day.

Contacting Zmodo didn’t help since they didn’t even know what NTP was! All they suggested was setting the time again and sending it back…

I still have not gotten to the bottom of this since I don’t have the serial adapter needed to get into the OS, but I do have a work around.

You can set NTP settings under Network settings and select time sync.



My NTP server is As you can see it’s set to update daily. Daily updates occur every 24hr leaving my Zmodo device out of time sync for 1hr a day. This is unacceptable.

Here is the workaround: Download the config. Edit the file and modify the timesyncinterval value. This is in seconds. I have mine set to update every 5 mins.

I’m still trying to figure out what the issue is. It’s not the battery and it’s not my settings. I’m thinking it’s a hardware issue or perhaps a firmware issue.