DIY Hitch mud flaps

If you’ve looked on Amazon for hitch mud flaps, the price tag probably caused you to google for a DIY solution. Well it’s easy and it will cost you under $30 depending what tools you have.

Items needed: 2” square tubing. 1” to 2” angle for holding the flaps. Misc bolts/nuts. Welder to make things super easy. Mud flaps. I bought mine at lowes in the tile section. I found vinyl 20×20 mats that are just as flexible as rubber mud flaps.

Measure, cut, weld, paint. Do I really need to spell things out?



Install x16 GPU into x8 slot by cutting the card?

I’m getting ready for vGPU in vsphere 6.0. All I need is a GPU in my esxi host but all my cards are x16 length and the R710 I have only has x8 length slots. I have an adapter ribbon cable but many of you know what the R710 has limited room.

So I decided to cut my GPU from x16 to x8.

You need a dremel and tape to protect the card.