Comments RSS Feed in WordPress 2.7 not working

Some of you have may noticed that your comments RSS feed is not working. Firefox will display no comments and Internet Explorer will give you an error and not display the page.

Many people are having this issue, more than you might think, you should check your Comments RSS Feed to see if its working.

When you validate your RSS Feed with a validator likeĀ you may find that you have an error on line 18. Well don’t worry there is a fix.

In wp-includes/feed.php around line 254 edit this line of code:


fnction comment_link() {

echo get_comment_link();



function comment_link() {

echo htmlentities(get_comment_link());


Clear your cache and refresh your page. Your Comments RSS Feed should be working just fine.

Fix comes from which is on the official WordPress bug site and explains what the problem is. Also the Comments RSS Feed is working now which was not working due to my server’s flux capacitor malfunctioning not the feed.php file being incorrect – that is a coincidence.


There is an alternative to the fix. You may also replace the line with

echo clean_url(get_comment_link());

There will be a fix in the next release of WordPress, but here is the solution now. You will not have this issue if you use an alternative format for permalinks that do not use ampersands.

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