How to revive a dead Video Card

I have a system that runs two Nvidia cards in SLi. One day video was not working correctly. There were artifacts and signs of over heating. One of my cards was dying and died very quickly after a test reboot.

I noticed two capacitors that were leaking with protruding paper. Well why pay for a new card when you can geek it back together.


Remove the old capacitors.

100_3349         And Solder on the new ones…


100_3351Its like nothing ever changed.

Before you start replacing capacitors on a dead video card, check the warranty. Mine had expired. 

Being a Geek is fun!

5 Replies to “How to revive a dead Video Card”

  1. Awesome! It’s always nice when the culprit is a visible one, and not something like a resistor the size of a pen-head. Glad you system’s back & running!

  2. totally assuming that all that was wrong were the capacitors were blown! still cool though. its good to know you can put a card through stress like that and have it come out shining.

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