Keyboard Mod

How cool would it be to have a backlit keyboard, but without paying the price for one. I will show you how to mod a $20 USB Keyboard. The style of wiring I chose (series) was only possible with an external power supply, however you can easily wire your LED’s in a way that will not require an external power supply.


I drilled holes in the sides, the holes just small enough so that the tip of the LED would not fall through. This way it will be flush with keys and not hinder any keys. Continue around the side. Note that I am soldering the LED’s together, opposite polarity mind you.

102_0126 Now that we have completely covered the sides that site closest to you (I chose not to do the top so that I would not have any bright LED’s shining in my face), we can continue to finish up with the wiring. Check out what it looks like in the end…

102_0128 102_0127


Or you could always get the EL Backlight Enjoy and happy moding.

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