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If you don’t have a NAS your Crazy! What else would you store your files on in a secure location. Networked Attached Storage is expensive though. So why not build your own.

QNAP is an excellent brand when it comes to NAS devices, but the price tag is outrageous. If you wanted a 6 bay NAS that supports RAID 5 and 6 be prepared to pay above 6 hundred dollars. Can you build your own that will preform as well if not better than a device that expensive? The answer is Yes!

All you need is a RAID card such as the Highpoint 2300 or 2200, a Case that supports at least 4 Hard Disks, a motherboard and CPU, and an OS.

I run my NAS devices on Server 2008 but there is a perfect competitor that offers all of the basic features as windows in a small package. FreeNAS.  It doesn’t really matter what Case you select, as long as you like it, since most support more than 4 hard disks.

With the above scenario you can build a professional NAS for under $600, but more on this later. is building the perfect NAS in the next couple of months! We will show you what to buy, how to put it together, how to configure it, and what to expect. We will also show you how to get the most space and the most performance out of your built NAS while saving you hundreds of dollars.

You might be asking right now why would you need a NAS device in the house anyway, ‘I have a 2TB hard drive, that’s plenty of space”. Wrong! If that drive dies what are you going to do to retrieve you priceless pictures, files, and school work? A NAS device running RAID 5 or 6 will recover from a hard drive crash and keep your files the way you like them, working.

Look for the NAS post of in the next couple of months that will revile the secrets the NAS devies  and what they can do for you while saving on hundreds.

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