Hard Rock Cafe, Tokyo

Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo! Need I say anymore? My wife and I had dinner at the Hard Rock on the first night when we were in Tokyo. The dinner was great, better than expected. The restaurant was a little different than the traditional Hard Rock, however. This Hard Rock had the gift shop separate from the main restaurant. Here is the page if you are interested. Also this isn’t the only Hard Rock in Japan.

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Lexmark, You suck!

Well my wife and I have a Lexmark X2500. Its a good printer/Scanner/Copier/Photo Printer. In fact it gets the job done. There are several things that I dislike about it, one being that when the thing about halfway out of ink it starts asking you to order more ink. I think the Lexmark company made it so that the printer is the most inefficient with ink just so I have to buy more, but that’s a different story.

So I need need ink for my Lexmark x2500. at the time I needed it the local BX did not sell the ink so I had to purchase it online. The cheapest I found was on tigerdirect.com. The total charge including shipping was almost $50! Just for two refill cartridges! Well I’m not to happy about that. To get to my point, to this day I still have not received my ink from tiger. There was a shipping error and it has been almost two months since it was shipped.

Well I need ink. So I went to the local BX to see if they carried the ink. They do. It would be $40 for the ink refills at the BX. So I was going to purchase them and send back the ink to tiger when they got in. Before I checked out though something caught my eye. What I saw was a printer for $30 that was being sold. $30 is the normal price mind you. Well included with this $30 printer is the two ink cartridges that I need!

To sum up my story I bought the printer for $30. $20 less than just the two refills from tigerdirect and $10 cheaper than the refills at the BX and I get an extra printer! So I will sell the printer as used and get maybe $15 for it! So I only pay $15 for my two ink refills instead of $50! Cool huh? Lexmark still sucks.