Subsonic license bypass

I love subsonic because its free and GPL software. After installing my subsonic server I immediately replaced ads with my own fun images. It wasn’t until after I wanted to use the Android app to access my music that I found I had to donate for a license.

Take a look at how their donate page passes your email and key…You may notice that it’s doing a hash. line 586 for my version.

The hash is MD5 and below I’ve added a sample key for your testing. = 64e1b8d34f425d19e1ee2ea7236d3028

echo –n |md5sum is your friend.

5 Replies to “Subsonic license bypass”

  1. Odd, I tried running md5sum on my computer with some random email but it was rejected by Subsonic. On the other hand your premade hash worked fine.

  2. Hi, please help, I don’t understand what to do to get the license, and I cannot buy it since we have no paypal in Egypt. Please, anyone, help me.

  3. It accepts my key, but it doesn’t stick. Reloading the page after it says you have a valid license and it immediately forgets and still says you have so and so days left.

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